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SBKITS has also been regarded as one of the leading companies in digital strategy, Digital Transformation, and Digital operations with over 7 years of experience in digital marketing.

About us

Social business kits which is headquartered in Egypt has been ranked as the Largest Digital Agency, four times in a row by Ad Age that makes it at the 1st spot of Top Digital Marketing Companies in the world. It is one of the leading advertising and top digital marketing companies both in Egypt and Malaysia in terms of worldwide revenues that provides brands with a solution that helps them re-imagine their digital presence. Social business Digital services were named in 2015 as one of the largest digital agencies of the middle east.

Further, it has also been regarded as one of the leading companies in digital strategy, Digital Transformation, and Digital operations with over 7 years of experience in digital marketing, complemented by a demonstrated track record in driving growth and achieving significant ROIs from digital & performance marketing activities. Our corporate has gained extensive experience working on both the client’s and the agency’s side has helped me to plan and implement numerous digital marketing strategies.  
Moreover, we believe that we’re adept at managing comprehensive reviews and analyses and giving recommendations for digital campaigns to optimize their performance by following these 3 major pivotal points:


Sometimes, the future is hard to predict. We help businesses succeed in a constantly-changing world by imagining new scenarios, exploring new ideas, and testing new solutions – all without disrupting your day-to-day.

Design & Build

Whether you’re launching a new product or need help with a specific challenge, we’ll build a team around your needs, helping you deliver more value, faster. Collaboration is in our DNA – we can work together in our space or yours.


Do you need to grow your audience? Could your data be in better shape? Is your product truly driving business results? With expertise across content, analytics and performance, we can help.

Unique Heritage of Practical Strategy

Social business kits has a proud history in consulting, built on a 7-year legacy.
As we believe that ideas are the greatest and most crucially practical power on earth, Our business has evolved in 2013 from an idea of forging a Facebook page called
“Social Business Kits” that later became an official startup in 2015. Social business kits got recognized by “Socialbakers” as the #4 most engaging Facebook page in Egypt in July 2014 (Ramadan 2014).
The stories that have emerged throughout our history are complex tales of big risks, lessons learned, and discoveries that have transformed the way we work and live. These 100 iconic moments—these Icons of Progress—demonstrate our faith in science, our pursuit of knowledge, and our belief that together we can make the world work better.
Social Business Kits published many presentations that got featured and became trending on SlideShare. Additionally, we’ve helped multiple companies and NGOs to establish their social media teams since 2013.

Our Secrets

We're Pioneering

We are strongly driven by the motto “Never Say Never.” Our proprietary platforms are setting new benchmarks and our media firsts are getting widely recognised and rewarded year after year.

We're Ambitious

We’re always aiming for a better tomorrow. As we move forward with award-winning campaigns, top-of-the-line expertise, and highly motivated customer service, we make sure that we never miss the mark and carve out newer possibilities.

We're Responsible

We get genuine results, and we believe in delivering them the right way. Quality is of paramount importance; we take ownership of our actions and keep an open communication.

We're Collaborative

We collaborate with not only social business kits network and our partners but also our clients. This allows us to kindle newer ideas and share knowledge with the best in the business, and in turn, achieve outstanding results.

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Combining our unrivaled specialism in specific digital activities with a strategic, differentiated approach, we are able to meet our clients’ more complex needs in the fast-paced and constantly evolving digital landscape.

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