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The Essential Extensions Handbook: Your Complete List for Digital Marketers

List of mandatory tools for marketers who wants to take their digital strategy to the next level

Digital Marketing Chrome Extension
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    If you’re struggling to keep up with the ever-growing world of digital marketing and its new tools and technologies, We’ve created a list of the top must-have digital marketing extensions to help you stay ahead of the game with no confusion in mind!

    These tools are crucial for any marketer who wants to take their digital strategy to the next level. From SEO and keyword research to content creation, social media management, it can get very overwhelming.

    That’s when we came in! So sit back, and let’s dive into this complete guide to mastering digital marketing with the best tools available.

    What Is A Chrome Extension?

    A Chrome Extension is simply a software application that adds new features or functionality to the Google Chrome browser aiming to enhance your browsing experience and allow you to customize your browser to suit your specific needs
    performing the needed tasks for you.

    These tools have got you covered! From boosting productivity tools to SEO and Keyword Research Tools, social media management tools, Content Creation and Optimization Tools and much more. All it takes is a few clicks to download them and they’re good to go!

    The majority of these extensions can be installed easily from the Chrome Web Store. Simply search for the desired extension by name and install it with just one click, but if you are using a different browser such as Firefox, or Safari, rest assured that we will provide clear information about the available extensions for your specific browser.

    We’ll give you a rundown of the top of the game to give you a better idea of what’s out there, and help you figure out what works best for you. But let’s start with what’ll manage them all effortlessly.



    Extensity is a time-saving tool that simplifies the management and optimization of browser extensions. With a single click, users can enable or disable extensions, keeping their browser running smoothly. By prioritizing essential extensions and disabling unused ones, Extensity helps maintain a lean and fast browsing experience.

    To use the Extensity extension, click on the icon to display all your downloaded extensions and apps, configure their appearance using the “options” page. From the “profiles” feature, create sets of enabled and disabled extensions for specific tasks, enabling quick switching between them.

    Why to use Extensity extension:

    Lean and Fast Browsing:
    Disable unnecessary extensions to optimize browser performance.

    One-Click Enable/Disable:
    Easily turn all extensions on or off with a single click for quick access.

    Clean Toolbar:
    Keep your toolbar clutter-free by managing and organizing your extensions.

    Always Enabled:
    Ensure your essential extensions are always active for uninterrupted functionality.

    Chrome Cloud Storage Sync:
    Synchronize your extensions across devices using Chrome Cloud Storage.

    Extensions Collectors’ Companion:
    Conveniently manage and explore a variety of extensions for a personalized browsing experience.

    SEO and Keyword Research Tools

    Keywords Everywhere

    Keywords Everywhere is a widely-used browser extension that provides keyword search volume, CPC, and competition data for popular search engines like Google, Bing, and YouTube. It offers convenient features such as related keyword suggestions, downloadable keyword lists, and the ability to view keyword data while browsing Google search results, making it a valuable tool for keyword research and search engine optimization.

    To use Keywords Everywhere, enter your desired keyword in a Google search, and view the provided metrics. Access keyword data for specific web pages by clicking the extension icon on your browser toolbar.

    Why To use Keywords Everywhere:


    • Keywords Everywhere extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox
    • The tool is available for free, with a paid version ranging from $10 to $100, offering more advanced features. 

    SEO Minion

    SEO Minion is a Chrome extension designed to assist with daily SEO tasks, making it a cost-effective choice for small businesses and individuals seeking to enhance their SEO efforts. Its standout feature is an on-page SEO analysis tool that swiftly assesses key factors such as broken links, missing alt tags, and page speed. 

    To use SEO Minion, use the “On-Page SEO Analysis” feature to identify any SEO problems on your website pages. Additionally, run the “Check Broken Links” feature to detect and address any broken links on your site.

    Why to use SEO Minion:

    Analyze On-Page SEO:

    This tool allows you to analyze the HTML of any webpage and provides useful information to optimize the On-Page SEO while alerting you to any issues that need attention.

    Check Broken Links:

    Easily check all the links on a webpage and receive a report highlighting any links that are broken or not functioning correctly.

    Hreflang Checker:

    This tool helps you verify the validity of hreflang tags and detects whether there are any missing return tags, ensuring correct language and regional targeting on your website.

    SERP Preview:

    Get a real-time preview of how your website appears on Google search results, allowing you to optimize the displayed information for better click-through rates and user engagement.

    Google search location simulator:

    Simulate non-personalized Google search results for a specific keyword in two different location and language combinations, enabling you to understand how your website ranks in various regions.

    SERP Utilities:

    Extract and download URLs and data from various Google SERP listings, including organic, advertisement, local, product, video, image, fresh, news, FAQ, and People Also Ask (PAA) sections, providing valuable insights for competitive analysis and content optimization.

    • SEO Minion extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox
    • The tool is completely free.

    SeoStack Keyword

    SeoStack Keyword is a powerful tool designed for SEO professionals and digital marketers, providing comprehensive keyword research and analysis capabilities to enhance website rankings and online visibility.

    It offers features such as generating keyword suggestions, generating long-tail keywords, analyzing keyword difficulty, and assisting users in identifying suitable SEO keywords for their campaigns.

    To use SeoStack Keyword, click the search button, and the tool will generate a list of relevant keywords along
    with their respective search volumes.

    Why to use SeoStack:

    • SeoStack Keyword is only available on Chrome browser.
    • The tool offers all the features for free.

    SEO Pro Extension

    SEO Pro Extension is the ultimate tool for swift, comprehensive SEO audits. Analyze on-page data, check technical elements, and ensure optimal performance effortlessly. Uncover hidden opportunities for optimization and enhance your online presence.

    To use SEO Pro Extension, set it up according to your preferences, like choosing which SEO data you want to track or analyzen, and navigate to the website you want to analyize. Click on the extension icon, and it should provide you with data and insights related to SEO, such as keyword performance, on-page optimizations, or technical issues. 

    Why to use SEO Pro Extension:

    Free Backlink Checker by LRT:

    Free Backlink Checker by LRT is a reliable tool that helps website owners and SEO professionals analyze backlinks, assess their quality, and optimize link-building strategies. It provides insights on backlink quantity, referring domains, anchor texts, and employs a unique Link Strength algorithm to evaluate backlink quality based on various factors. Users can disavow low-quality links and compare their backlink profile with competitors for strategic advantage.

    To use Free Backlink Checker, open the ‘Backlink Profiler’ tab and enter the domain or URL of the website you wish to analyze. Click on ‘Start’ to begin the analysis process. After completion, you will be presented with a list of backlinks, accompanied by their corresponding metrics like Domain Strength, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and more.

    Why to use Free Backlink Checker:

    Live Links, Broken Links, and Unverified Links:

    it allows you to analyze and distinguish between live, broken, and unverified links on a webpage, providing insights into the overall link health and identifying any issues that need attention.

    No-Follow Links vs. Follow Links:

    The tool helps you differentiate between no-follow and follow links on a webpage to understand the link building strategy of a website and its impact on search engine optimization.

    Own Network Links vs. External Links:

    identify and differentiate between the links within your own network (internal links) and external links to other websites. This helps in assessing the link structure and relationship between various pages.

    Source Code Browser on Mouse Over:

    This feature allows you to view the source code of a webpage by simply hovering over a link, providing quick access to the underlying HTML and facilitating further analysis if needed.

    LRT Power*Trust for every link:

    The tool provides LRT Power*Trust metrics for each link, offering insights into the trustworthiness and power of the linking domains. 

    Live Filter Link Detail Table:

    The tool includes a live filter for the link detail table, allowing you to easily search and filter specific links based on various criteria, such as anchor text, URL, or link attributes. This facilitates efficient analysis and management of the link data.

    • Free Backlink Checker by LRT extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox
    • As obvious from the name, the tool is free.


    Ubersuggest is a popular SEO and keyword research tool that helps website owners and marketers improve their site’s traffic. It offers comprehensive SEO analysis, generates relevant keywords, provides key insights on search volume and competition, and allows users to analyze competitor websites for valuable SEO strategies.

    To use Ubersuggest, first install the extension, select the ‘Site Audit’ tab and enter the URL of the website you wish to audit. Click on ‘Search’ to initiate the analysis. Ubersuggest will then analyze the website and generate a comprehensive report highlighting SEO errors, warnings, and suggestions for improvement.

    Why to use Ubersuggest:

    • More Keywords and SEO Insights: Gain access to extensive data for a single search query, enabling you to find specific rank-worthy keywords and phrases with precision.
    • Graphs and Trends: Visualize monthly search volume breakdown (mobile and desktop) for keywords through informative graphs, helping you identify search trends and adapt your SEO strategy accordingly.
    • Traffic Estimations: Discover traffic estimations for each URL in Google search results, both within the search listings and in the right-hand sidebar for the top 10 results, providing valuable insights for assessing potential traffic opportunities.
    • Backlink Data: Evaluate average domain authority and referring domains for top-ranking sites through the speech bubble displayed above organic results, empowering you to enhance your link building tactics.
    • Customizable Location and Language: Customize search settings to refine keyword research and analysis based on specific location and language preferences.
    • Additional Features: Benefit from trend charts, related keywords, “people also search for” suggestions, trending keywords, and long-tail keywords, expanding your keyword research and optimizing content strategy effectively.
    • The tool is available to only install on Chrome.
    • The extension is a paid service, with plans ranging from $12 to $40. You can learn more about the pricing and features here

    More Keywords and SEO Insights:

    Gain access to extensive data for a single search query, enabling you to find specific rank-worthy keywords and phrases with precision.

    Graphs and Trends:

    Visualize monthly search volume breakdown (mobile and desktop) for keywords through informative graphs, helping you identify search trends and adapt your SEO strategy accordingly.

    Traffic Estimations:

    Discover traffic estimations for each URL in Google search results, both within the search listings and in the right-hand sidebar for the top 10 results, providing valuable insights for assessing potential traffic opportunities.

    Backlink Data:

    Evaluate average domain authority and referring domains for top-ranking sites through the speech bubble displayed above organic results, empowering you to enhance your link building tactics.

    Customizable Location and Language:

    Customize search settings to refine keyword research and analysis based on specific location and language preferences.

    Additional Features:

    Benefit from trend charts, related keywords, "people also search for" suggestions, trending keywords, and long-tail keywords, expanding your keyword research and optimizing content strategy effectively.


    Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a robust browser extension that aids website owners and marketers in optimizing search engine rankings. It offers comprehensive SEO analysis, competitor insights, and real-time metrics on search engine results pages (SERPs).

    To use Ahrefs, navigate to the website or specific webpage you wish to analyze, click on the extension icon, which will provide you with various tools and options for analyzing the website’s SEO, backlinks, keywords, and more.

    Why to use Ahrefs:

    • On-page SEO report: Provides insights into on-page elements like meta tags, word count, and more, helping you optimize your webpages for better search engine visibility.
    • Structured data checker: Allows you to verify the presence and validity of structured data on your webpages, ensuring proper schema implementation for enhanced search results.
    • Broken link checker: Scans your webpages for broken or non-functioning links, enabling you to identify and fix any issues that may negatively impact user experience and SEO.
    • Link highlighter: Highlights all the links on a webpage, making it easy to analyze and assess the linking structure and identify any potential issues or optimization opportunities.
    • Redirect tracer: Helps you trace and analyze redirect paths, ensuring proper redirection and minimizing potential SEO issues related to redirects.
    • User-agent switcher: Allows you to change the user-agent of your browser, simulating different devices or browsers to view how your web pages appear and function across various platforms.
    • Country changer for search results: Enables you to change the location setting for search results, allowing you to see how your website ranks in different countries and tailor your SEO strategies accordingly.
    • The tool is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • The tool is available for free, with a paid version ranging from $99 to $399,
      offering more advanced features depending on the plan. 

    Wayback Machine

    Wayback Machine is a browser extension that grants users access to the internet archive, enabling them to view the historical evolution of websites. It simplifies research by allowing users to save and explore archived versions of pages, along with offering features such as checking for missing pages, displaying fact-checking notices, and browsing anonymously. 

    To use the extension, explore any web page you want to archive or view an older version of, select a specific date from the calendar or click the “All Snapshots” link to view a list of all archived versions. To save a snapshot of the page for future reference, click on “Save Page Now” within the extension.

    Why to use Wayback Machine:

    Save Page Now:

    Instantly save the current webpage in the Wayback Machine.

    URLs & Collections:

    View a list of saved URLs and their associated collections.


    Access annotations for the current web page and domain.

    Oldest, Newest & Overview:

    Access the first or most recent versions of a page or view a calendar overview of archived pages.

    Site Map & Word Cloud:

    Visualize the domain structure and create a word cloud from link anchor text.

    Relevant Resources:

    Access research papers, books, and recommended TV news clips while browsing relevant websites.

    Archived copies:

    Automatically check for archived copies when encountering HTTP error codes.

    My Web Archive:

    Save URLs to your public archive page on the Internet Archive.

    Tweets & Share Links:

    Search Twitter for related information or share archived links on social media.

    Availability :
    • The tool is available to install on Chrome , Firefox and Safari. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both Android and iOS.
    • Wayback Machine is a free extension.


    SEOquake is a powerful SEO tool that helps you analyze and optimize your website’s performance in search engines. With its intuitive interface, it provides valuable insights and data to improve your website’s visibility and outperform competitors.

    To use SEOquake, explore any webpage and let it provide valuable SEO data like PageRank and Alexa Rank. Customize the settings to focus on relevant metrics. Gain insights into the SEO performance of visited webpages.

    Why to use SEOquake: 

    • SEOquake is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • The extension is free to use.

    Similar sites

    With SimilarSites, step into a realm of endless website possibilities. With a multitude of websites being browsed daily, it’s common to seek out similar platforms for content consumption, shopping, or general exploration. Experience the convenience of discovering websites akin to the ones you’re currently browsing in mere seconds. 

    To use Similar sites, browse your favorite websites, click on the Similar Sites extension icon to instantly view a list of recommended and comparable sites associated with the one you’re currently on. Explore the suggested websites to find new content and alternative options for your online activities. 

     Why to use Similar sites: 

    • Shop Smarter: Discover new shopping sites similar to the ones you currently buy from, helping you find new products, deals, and gift ideas instantly. It enhances your shopping experience and enables you to explore a wider range of options.
    • Consume Content: Expand your reading list by discovering new blogs and news outlets while reading your favorite online content. The extension recommends similar sources, allowing you to diversify your content consumption and explore new perspectives.
    • Travel and Leisure: Plan your next vacation or day trip more effectively by exploring related web links to the ones you usually search for. You may find cheaper travel options and discover comparable websites that offer a better experience, ensuring you get the best value for your money.
    • Business and Research: Find high-quality content, discover competitors, conduct keyword research, and generate leads. By using the extension, you can maximize your business growth opportunities and gain valuable insights for analyzing your business and marketing needs.
    • The extension is available for Chrome, and Firefox.
    • Similar sites is completely free.

    Check My Links

    Check My Links is a helpful Chrome extension designed for web designers, developers, and content editors. It allows you to effortlessly ensure the quality of your web pages by identifying broken links. By quickly scanning your webpage, the extension highlights which links are valid and which ones require attention. 

    To use Check My Links, open the webpage you want to check and Check My Links will automatically crawl through the page, highlighting valid links and identifying broken ones. You can easily copy the bad links and access detailed information in the Console log. 

    Why to use Check My Links:

    • Broken Link Detection: It saves you time and effort by automatically scanning all the links on a page and highlighting which ones are valid and which ones are broken.
    • Convenient Web Editing: It provides a quick and efficient way to ensure all the links are functioning correctly, making it a useful tool for web designers, developers, and content editors.
    • Easy Identification of Broken Links: By highlighting broken links clearly, you promptly identify and fix any broken links, improving the overall quality and user experience of your website.
    • Comprehensive Reporting: The extension provides detailed information on broken links (HTTP response codes, full URLs) displayed with more information in the Console log.
    • The extension is only available for Chrome browser 
    • Check My Links extension is free to use.


    SEO META in 1 CLICK is a popular extension used by digital marketers, and SEO professionals to analyze on-page SEO elements of a webpage with a single click. This extension provides a quick access to important meta information that search engines use to understand the content and relevance of a web page.

    To use it, activate it by clicking on the icon in the toolbar and valuable insights such as meta title, meta description, header to optimize your webpage for search engines, improving its visibility and performance in search results. 

    Why to use SEO META in 1 CLICK: 

    Clear overview:

    The tool provides a clear and concise display of all meta tags and main SEO information, making it easy for users to understand and manage their website's SEO elements.

    Easy optimization:

    With information on title length, description length, and URL, users can quickly identify areas for optimization to improve their website's search engine ranking and visibility.

    Control over search engines:

    The tool allows users to set meta-robots tags, enabling them to control how search engines crawl and index their web pages, ensuring relevant content is visible in search results.

    Structural analysis:

    By displaying headers (H1, H2, H3, etc.) in the order they appear in HTML, the tool helps users understand their website's content structure, which is essential for SEO and user experience.

    Image and link optimization:

    Users can see the number of images with and without ALT tags, aiding them in ensuring proper image SEO. Additionally, the tool shows the number of links, helping users analyze their website's internal linking and uniqueness.

    Social media optimization:

    The inclusion of Open Graph and Twitter social data allows users to control how their content appears when shared on social media platforms, enhancing the visibility and reach of their website.

    Essential website files:

    By displaying Robots.txt and sitemap.xml, the tool helps users ensure search engines can properly crawl and index their website's pages, facilitating better SEO performance.

    Comprehensive analysis:

    The tool offers a wide range of features, including HTML and CSS analysis, Google Rich Snippet insights, and PageSpeed information via ETERNAL TOOLS, enabling users to gain valuable insights into various aspects of their website's performance and areas for improvement.

    • The extension is only available for Chrome browsers
    • The tool is completely free.

    Website Analytics and Optimization Tools


    WooRank is an essential tool for website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals. With a user-friendly interface, it provides instant in-depth SEO reports, including on-page and off-page aspects, and offers practical suggestions for improving search engine rankings.

    To use WooRank, navigate to the website you want to analyze and click on the WooRank icon located in your browser’s toolbar. The extension will then generate a detailed report on the website’s SEO and overall performance,
    providing you with valuable suggestions for improvement.

    Why to use WooRank:

    • Search Engine Optimization: Analyzes the website’s SEO performance and provides recommendations for improvement.
    • Structured Data: Checks if structured data is implemented correctly for enhanced search results.
    • Mobile-Friendliness: Assesses the website’s mobile-friendliness and responsiveness.
    • Usability: Evaluates the website’s usability and user experience.
    • Website Technologies: Identifies the technologies and frameworks used on the website.
    • Backlinks: Provides information about the website’s backlink profile, including quantity and quality.
    • Social Media: Analyzes the website’s social media presence and engagement.
    • Website Traffic: Offers insights into the website’s traffic and popularity.
    • The tool is available to install on Chrome  and Firefox.
    • WooRank extension is free tool



    Microsoft Clarity Live

    Microsoft Clarity is a web analytics and user behavior analysis tool, designed to help website owners and developers understand how users interacted with their websites. It allows users to see heatmaps, session replays, and other data related to user interactions on their websites.

    To use Microsoft Clarity, head to any website once you have downloaded the extension, and from the Clarity widget, select heatmaps, area maps, or recordings to start analyzing. You can also easily get real-time heatmaps and recordings by simply browsing the website you choose.

    Why to use Microsoft Clarity Live: 

    • In-Depth Understanding: Clarity Live offers a comprehensive perspective by blending click heatmaps and scroll heatmaps, giving you a full picture of how users interact with your site.
    • Inclusive Data: It captures user engagement on various website elements, even those that are typically challenging to track using standard heatmaps.
    • Customized Visual Inspection: Users possess the freedom to pinpoint and evaluate user involvement across larger website sections, providing a more versatile approach to grasp user behavior.
    • User Control: Clarity Live grants users the freedom to choose the scope of the area they want to study, tailoring their analysis to specific needs.
    • Thorough User Insight: Session recordings offer a detailed glimpse into individual user engagements, aiding in your comprehension of how users navigate your website.
    • Streamlined Retrieval: Clarity Live makes it easy to locate recordings associated with particular user interactions, enhancing your efficiency in accessing pertinent data.


    • The extension is only available to install on Chrome
    • The extension is completely free.


    Similarweb is a powerful extension that tracks website traffic and performance, offering valuable insights into the competitive landscape. It provides detailed data on traffic sources, demographics, and engagement metrics like bounce rate and time on site. Additionally, it reveals traffic ranks of websites and offers comprehensive insights into their traffic sources and audience demographics, enabling users to gain a competitive advantage.

    To use Similarweb, go to the website you wish to analyze, the extension will then provide you with comprehensive information about the website’s traffic, including demographics, traffic sources, and engagement metrics.

    Why to use Similarweb:

    Website Rank:

    Determine the global ranking, ranking within a specific country, and ranking within the website's category and industry.

    Visits Over Time:

    Track the website's visit trends over time, including the number of visits, bounce rate, pages per session, monthly website visits, and average user duration.

    Traffic Distribution:

    Explore the distribution of traffic sources and the percentage of visits from different regions or locations.

    Traffic Sources:

    Explore the various sources of traffic that bring visitors to the website, including direct visits, search engines, email campaigns, social media platforms, referral websites, and display ads.

    • Similarweb is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • The extension is completely free. – Google Analytics URL Builder

    Google Analytics URL Builder is a convenient extension that simplifies the process of creating UTM parameter-based campaign URLs for your website. It offers a user-friendly dashboard, advanced features like UTM parameter templates, and seamless integration with popular marketing tools for comprehensive performance tracking.

    To use, fill in the required data, including the name, source, and medium of your campaign. The extension will generate a unique UTM tracking code specifically for your campaign. You can then use this code in Google Analytics to track and analyze the performance of your campaign.

    Why to use

    • Bulk Link Creation: Save time by generating multiple UTM links simultaneously.
    • Custom Branded Domain Link Shortener: Utilize your own branded domain for shortening UTM links, enhancing brand recognition.
    • Streamlined Workflow: Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and enjoy a more organized approach to UTM campaigns.
    • Template Saving: Save UTM templates for future use, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
    • Team Collaboration: Sync UTM templates across your team for seamless collaboration.
    • Auto-Populated URLs: URL fields are automatically filled in, reducing manual entry and saving time.
    • Field Auto-Fill: Other UTM fields are auto-filled for faster and more consistent UTM creation.
    • Cloud Storage Integration: Integrate with cloud storage services to store and log UTM links and user activity.
    • Social Media Sharing: Share UTM links directly to Facebook and Twitter for convenient social media promotion.
    • Integration: Shorten UTM links using integration, allowing for more concise and trackable links.
    • Activity Logging: Save all UTM links and user activity to your account, providing a comprehensive record of UTM campaigns.
    • The extension is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The tool is available for free, with a paid version starting from $49 per month, offering more advanced features.




    WAVE is a crucial web accessibility evaluation tool for developers and designers. It provides visual feedback and detailed reports on accessibility issues, ensuring inclusivity for people with disabilities. Its real-time feedback and guidance simplify the process of identifying and resolving accessibility concerns on web pages.

    To use WAVE, go to the webpage you want to evaluate, or select “WAVE this page” from the context menu, and the extension will initiate a scan of the webpage and generate a comprehensive report on its accessibility. The report will highlight any potential issues and provide suggestions for improvement to ensure better accessibility.

    Why to use WAVE:

    • Visual Feedback: WAVE provides visual indicators and feedback to highlight accessibility issues on web pages, making it easier to identify potential problems.
    • Detailed Reports: It generates comprehensive reports that outline specific accessibility concerns, enabling developers and designers to address them effectively.
    • Inclusivity Focus: WAVE’s primary goal is to promote inclusivity by helping create web content accessible to all users,
      regardless of disabilities.
    • Real-time Feedback: The tool offers real-time feedback, allowing developers and designers to make immediate adjustments and improvements to enhance accessibility.
    • Simplified Process: WAVE simplifies the process of identifying and resolving accessibility issues, offering guidance and recommendations to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.
    • WAVE is available to install on Chrome  and Firefox.
    • WAVE extension is a free tool.



    BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool that provides valuable insights on social media engagement, backlinks, and content shares. It helps users analyze their content’s performance and discover high-performing content in their industry. 

    To use the BuzzSumo extension, explore any webpage you’re interested in, and the extension will then generate a report detailing the social media engagement of the page, including the number of shares, comments, and likes across various platforms. This information can help you analyze the content’s popularity and social media performance.

    Why to use BuzzSumo:

    • Time-saving Research: Save time on content research tasks.
    • Tab Management: Avoid tab fatigue by accessing relevant information within the extension.
    • Content Inspiration: Discover high-performing content in terms of links, shares, and rankings to gain inspiration.
    • Content Curation: Curate the top content in your industry for easy access and reference.
    • Team Collaboration: Save and share idea-fueling content with your team.
    • Partner Evaluation: Analyze the quality of potential partners for collaboration or business opportunities.
    • Journalist Research: Research and identify journalists to pitch your ideas or news to.
    • Networking: Build connections with like-minded individuals within your industry.
    • Performance Audit: Assess and evaluate your own performance or content metrics.
    • Competitor Analysis: Quickly analyze and benchmark your competitors’ performance.
    • Audience Identification: Find and engage with your fans or target audience.
    • BuzzSumo is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The extension is a paid service, with plans ranging from $199 to $999.


    Wappalyzer is a web technology identification tool that reveals the technologies powering websites you visit. By analyzing the website’s code and elements  It helps you gain a better understanding of the technology stack behind a website. It provides insights into the software, frameworks, and systems in use. 

    To use the Wappalyzer extension, visit a website, and the extension will analyze and provide you with valuable insights. It will display information such as the content management system (CMS), web server, programming languages, and more.

    Why to use Wappalyzer:

    • Stack Analysis: Discover the technology stack used by any website, including programming languages, frameworks, content management systems
    • Website Lists Details: Create lists of websites based on specific technologies or criteria, along with associated company and contact information. Build targeted lists for lead generation, market analysis, and competitor research purposes.
    • Lead Generation Tools: Utilize our tools to generate leads by identifying websites that use specific technologies. Find potential clients or customers who may be interested in your products or services based on their technology preferences.
    • Market Analysis: Analyze the technology landscape within your industry by identifying trends and patterns in the technology stacks used by different websites. 
    • Competitor Research: Understand the technology choices and strategies of your competitors by exploring the technology stacks of their websites. Identify areas where you can differentiate yourself and gain a competitive advantage.
    • Wappalyzer extension is available to install on Chrome, Firefox  and Safari. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • It is a paid service, with plans ranging from $149 to $849.

    Google Trends Supercharged – Glimpse

    Glimpse is a free tool that allows you to visualize Google Trends data and perform in-depth keywords, by offering powerful features like absolute search volume, people-also-searched data, and alerts on trending topics.

    To use the extension, enter the desired keyword or topic in the search bar, customize your search by selecting the country, category, time range, and other parameters of interest, click on the “Search” button to view the data presented in both graph and table formats. This will provide you with valuable insights into the popularity and trends related to your chosen keyword or topic.

    Why to use Glimpse:

    Related Search Data:

    Access data on related queries and topics that are commonly associated

    Google Trends Alerts:

    Set up alerts to be notified when a specific topic starts trending.

    Trending Topic Discovery:

    Discover new and emerging trends to stay updated.

    Export to Google Sheets:

    Export Google Trends data directly to Google Sheets for further analysis and collaboration.

    In-Depth Keyword Research:

    Conduct comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant and valuable keywords.

    Longtail Keyword Analysis:

    Analyze longtail keywords to uncover niche opportunities and specific search queries.

    CPC and Competition Statistics:

    Gain insights into the cost-per-click (CPC) and competition levels associated with keywords.

    Keyword Search Volume:

    Access data on the search volume for keywords to gauge their popularity and potential reach.

    Export to CSV:

    Export keyword and trend data to CSV format for easy data manipulation and sharing.

    • The extension is only available to install on Chrome.
    • Glimpse extension is a free tool.


    VidiQ is a powerful YouTube optimization tool that helps creators enhance their videos’ performance and visibility. It provides valuable insights and guidance to improve discoverability and engage a larger audience on the platform.

    To use VidIQ, sign up using your email or social media profiles, then connect your YouTube channel to VidIQ. Access all the features and analytics from the dashboard to enhance your YouTube experience.

    Why to use VidiQ:

    • Rank: The vidIQ Score helps judge the likelihood of a video being promoted in Related Videos, Search, and Recommended Videos. It assesses the potential reach and visibility of your video content.
    • Discover: Success on YouTube is about more than just views. With vidIQ Vision, you can stay focused on the metrics that matter and gain insights into your channel’s performance.
    • Optimize: Use the insights and data provided by vidIQ to make better decisions and optimize your content strategy. Analyze trends, audience behavior, and video performance to refine your approach and drive better results.
    • The extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox
    • Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • It is available for free, with a paid version starting from $8 per month, offering more advanced features.


    Trimbox is a cutting-edge extension that simplifies your inbox management. It empowers you to redefine your email routine without compromising your data’s security, offering hassle-free unsubscribe options, efficient identification of unwanted emails, and enhanced privacy measures.

    To get started, just link your Gmail account with the extension. Then, effortlessly tidy up your inbox by swiftly unsubscribing from unwanted emails or even spam, all with just one click!

    Why to use Trimbox:

    • Effortless Unsubscribing: No more manually unsubscribing from email lists! Trimbox lets you unsubscribe with just one click, saving you time and frustration.
    • Clear Out Clutter: Identify and eliminate unwanted emails and mailing lists from your inbox. Trimbox streamlines the process, leaving you with a cleaner and more organized email environment.
    • Privacy Focus: Trimbox prioritizes your privacy, ensuring that none of your sensitive information is shared externally.
    • Quick Storage Cleanup: Running low on storage space? Trimbox allows you to mass delete emails from specific senders, freeing up memory with a single click.
    • Time-Saving: Unsubscribing and decluttering are typically time-consuming tasks. Trimbox speeds up these processes, giving you more time for what truly matters.
    • Enhanced Email Experience: By using Trimbox, you’ll enjoy a smoother and more streamlined email experience, free from the distractions of unwanted emails and clutter.
    • Trimbox extension is currently available for only Chrome browser 
    • The extension is completely free.

    Content Creation and Optimization Tools


    Frase is an AI-powered content marketing tool that generates quick summaries of existing articles, saving time and effort in content creation. It provides essential information and helps create high-ranking content by analyzing SEO scores, keywords, and comprehensive summaries of relevant essays.

    To use Frase, activate it and navigate to the article you wish to summarize,
    Frase will analyze the article and generate a concise summary of its key points.
    This summary will help you quickly grasp the main ideas and essential information contained within the article.

    Why to use Frase:

    • Real-time Article Summarization: Quickly summarize articles on the fly, saving time and increasing research productivity.
    • News and Blog Focus: Ideal for summarizing news articles and blog posts, allowing users to extract key information efficiently.
    • Frase Integration: Frase users can seamlessly save articles into their Frase folders,
      enabling easy organization and retrieval of saved content.
    • The extension is only available to install on Chrome.
    • Frase article summarizer is completely free.


    Grammarly is a widely-used writing tool that offers suggestions for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It provides advanced features like a plagiarism checker, tone detection, and writing goals, simplifying the process of creating flawless content.

    To use Grammarly, start typing in any text field on the web, and Grammarly will automatically highlight any grammatical errors or provide suggestions for improved clarity. You can click on the highlighted areas to view alternative phrasings and edit your text accordingly. Grammarly helps you enhance your writing by identifying and assisting with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style issues as you type.

    Why to use Grammarly:


    • Grammarly extension is available to install on Chrome, Firefox  and Safari.
      Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both
      Android and iOS.
    • The extension is available for free for only checks spelling, correctness and clarity,
      with a paid version starting from $12, offering more advanced features.


    Wordtune is an AI-powered writing tool that helps you improve your text by suggesting alternative wordings. With the extension, you can select a sentence and choose from suggested alternatives to enhance clarity and concision. It simplifies the process of finding the right phrasing for your content, making writing improvements efficient and effective.

    To use Wordtune, highlight the sentence you want to improve and click on the Wordtune icon located in your browser’s toolbar. The extension will then present you with alternative phrasings for the selected sentence.

    Why to use Wordtune:

    • Alternative Phrasing: Explore fresh ways to express yourself in writing with suggestions for alternative sentence structures, phrases, or individual words.
    • Tone & Length Control: Customize the tone and length of the rewrite suggestions to match your desired style,
      whether you prefer a more casual tone or concise wording.
    • Simultaneous Translation and Rewriting: Write in a foreign language and receive rephrasing suggestions in English, making it valuable for non-native English speakers.
    • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Wordtune works seamlessly across various platforms such as Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook (web version), Facebook, Whatsapp (web version), and more. It also provides the Wordtune Editor, a central tool accessible across browsers without needing to use the extension.
    • Wordtune extension is only available to install on Chrome. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • Wordtune is completely free.


    Detailed SEO Extension

    Detailed SEO Extension is a user-friendly and efficient tool built by SEO professionals to provide quick and comprehensive SEO insights, making it a valuable asset for anyone looking to enhance their website’s search engine visibility and overall performance.

    To utilize this extension, simply navigate to the website you wish to assess for SEO data. The extension will then provide you with a range of SEO information, like title tags, meta descriptions, meta robots tags, and additional insights.

    Why to use Detailed SEO Extension: 

    • Instant SEO Insights: Get quick, on-the-spot SEO insights with a single click while visiting any website.
    • Effortless Analysis: Save hours of manual effort by effortlessly pulling essential SEO data without digging into the page’s source code.
    • Full SEO Overview: Access vital SEO elements, such as title tags, meta descriptions, meta robots tags, and more, all in one place.
    • Time-Saver: Streamline your SEO research and analysis workflow, enabling you to work more efficiently.
    • Universal Usage: Suitable for SEO professionals, marketers, webmasters, and anyone seeking to improve website SEO.
    • Competitive Advantage: Gain an edge in SEO optimization by easily and quickly assessing your own website or that of your competitors.
    • Detailed Data: Receive in-depth information to make informed decisions for SEO strategy and improvement.
    • Enhance Website Performance: Use the insights from this tool to make targeted SEO improvements that can lead to higher search engine rankings and more organic traffic.
    • User-Friendly: The extension is designed for ease of use, making it accessible even for those with limited technical knowledge.


    • The extension is available to install on Chrome, and Firefox
    • The extension is completely free.


    Linguix is an AI-powered writing tool that offers grammar checking, rewriting assistance, and context-specific recommendations. It helps users improve their writing by suggesting corrections for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, and provides personalized suggestions for clarity and effectiveness.

    To use Linguix, start typing in any text field, and Linguix will automatically highlight any grammatical errors or offer suggestions for improved clarity. You can click on the suggestions provided to see alternative phrasings and make edits to your text accordingly.

    Why to use Linguix:

    • Paraphrasing and Rewriting: Utilize the state-of-the-art paraphrasing and rewriting tool to focus on the essence of your message rather than the specific wording. Fix grammar, punctuation, and spelling issues effortlessly.
    • Clear, Compelling, and Authentic Writing: Achieve clear, compelling, and authentic writing with a single click. Whether you are a native speaker or not, rephrase and rewrite your sentences to make your message resonate.
    • Seamless ChatGPT Integration: Access the power of ChatGPT directly on any website without the need for copy-pasting. Leverage the capabilities of OpenAI to enhance your writing experience.
    • Time-Saving Shortcuts: Automate your prompts and save time on repetitive typing using the convenient shortcuts feature. Streamline your writing process for increased efficiency.
    • Linguix extension is available to install on Chrome, Firefox  and Safari.
      Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both
      Android and iOS.
    • The tool has a free pan for basic features, with a paid version starting from $10, offering more advanced features. 

    Headline Studio by CoSchedule

    Headline Studio is an AI-powered tool that analyzes headlines and provides recommendations to make them more engaging. It offers real-time feedback and scoring to improve headline effectiveness.

    To use Headline Studio, start typing a headline for your article or webpage, and Headline Studio will instantly analyze its effectiveness. The extension provides real-time feedback and suggestions on how to improve your headline. You can click on the suggestions to explore alternative headlines and make edits to your text accordingly.

    Why to use Headline Studio:

    • Data-driven Suggestions: Elevate your headline score by receiving actionable suggestions based on proven data from millions of headlines. Improve your writing with guidance on how to craft compelling headlines that drive maximum traffic.
    • Outperform the Competition: Gain a competitive advantage by exploring the top-performing headlines in search engine results. Compare your headline’s performance and gain insights to surpass your toughest competitors.
    • Past Headline History: Access a comprehensive history of your previously written headlines. Easily find, modify, or reuse successful headlines from the past to boost your content performance.
    • Overcome Creative Blocks: Overcome creative blocks with the aid of power words, emotional word banks, and a comprehensive dictionary available within Headline Studio. Discover word definitions, synonyms, and alternative options to increase your headline score.
    • The extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox
    • Headline Studio is a free extension.

    Jasper Everywhere Extension

    Jasper Everywhere Extension is an AI-powered content creation tool that generates high-quality, original content quickly. It offers features for keyword-rich articles, plagiarism-free content, ad copy improvement, and content rewriting. 

    To use the Jasper Everywhere extension, start asking questions by typing or speaking into the dialogue box. The assistant utilizes natural language processing to comprehend your inquiries and provide relevant answers. To explore additional features such as setting reminders or sending emails, simply type “help” or “commands” into the dialogue box. 

    Why to use Jasper Everywhere:

    • Repurpose and Generate Content: Repurpose existing content and generate new articles that are optimized for search engines, ensuring keyword-rich and plagiarism-free content.
    • Improve Ad Conversions: Enhance your ad copy and boost conversions by easily creating and testing multiple variations. 
    • Faster First Drafts: provide instructions, and watch as the AI generates paragraphs within seconds, helping you complete your first draft up to 10 times faster.
    • Overcome Writer’s Block: Overcome the dreaded writer’s block by relying on Jasper’s creative copywriting abilities. Let Jasper generate engaging and original copy to inspire your content creation.
    • Personalized Email Responses: Jasper Everywhere understands the context of email threads, allowing it to craft personalized responses. Effortlessly respond to emails with tailored and relevant content.
    • Social Media Made Easy: Create social media content effortlessly using Jasper’s library of over 60 premade templates. Kickstart your social media campaigns with professionally designed templates.
    • Content Rewriting and Summarization: Easily rewrite, repurpose, or summarize content using Jasper’s commands.


    • The extension is only available to install on Chrome. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • Jasper Everywhere is a paid service, with plans ranging from $39 to $99. 

    Social Media Management Tools


    Publer is a social media management tool with a convenient extension that streamlines content scheduling and publishing. With features like bulk scheduling, post recycling, and analytics, users can easily create, schedule, and share content without leaving their current browser tab.

    To use the Publer extension, right-click on the content you want to share and select “share with Publer.” You’ll be presented with two options: to post it immediately or schedule it for a later time.
    Choose the option that suits your needs, and your content will be shared accordingly. 

    Why to use Publer:

    • Bulk Scheduling: Schedule multiple posts at once for efficient content planning.
    • Post Recycling: Automatically repost your evergreen content to maximize its reach.
    • Analytics: Gain insights into your social media performance with detailed analytics.
    • Seamless Integration: Share, create, and schedule posts without leaving your current browser tab.
    • Publer extension is available to install on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
      Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both
      Android and iOS.
    • The extension is available for free, with a paid version ranging from $12 to $21,
      offering more advanced features.



    Buffer browser extension simplifies the sharing process by allowing users to share links, images, and videos directly from any webpage without accessing the Buffer dashboard. Its user-friendly interface enables users to post, save for later, and save ideas with captions for future use, making content sharing and organization effortless.

    To use Buffer, Select social media platforms by clicking on the avatars in the composer, save content as ideas by choosing “Save For Later” from the Buffer icon.

    Why to use Buffer:

    Schedule posts to Buffer:

    Easily create and schedule your social media content from any webpage.

    Sync across devices:

    Your scheduled posts are automatically synced to your Buffer account on desktop and mobile.

    Seamless integration:

    The extension integrates directly into various websites, making it convenient to share content.

    Share articles and images:

    Post articles you find while browsing directly to social media or add them to your scheduling queue.

    • Buffer extension is available to install on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
      Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both
      Android and iOS.
    • The extension is available for free, with a paid version ranging from $6 to $12,
      offering more advanced features.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful sales tool that enhances productivity and empowers sales professionals to effectively engage with prospects, build relationships, and stay informed about key developments in target accounts.

    To use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension, visit the profile or page you want to research, the extension will display relevant information on the right side of your browser window, use the search bar to filter based on various criteria. Stay updated with recent activity in the “Updates” section.

    Why to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

    • Advanced Lead and Company Search: Easily find relevant leads and companies using advanced search options.
    • Lead Recommendations: Receive personalized recommendations for potential leads.
    • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system for streamlined lead management.
    • Real-time Sales Updates: Stay informed with real-time updates on sales activities and progress.
    • Notes and Tags: Add notes and tags to organize and categorize leads for better tracking.
    • InMail Messages: Send personalized InMail messages to engage with leads directly.
    • The easiest way to get the extension is by visiting the official website.
    • It is a paid service with plans ranging from $5 to $10 monthly.

    Social Blade

    Social Blade is a powerful social media analytics tool that provides users with valuable insights and data for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TwitchTV. It helps users track their account growth, engagement, and reach, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize their social media strategies for success.

    To use Social Blade, click the icon in the browser toolbar to analyze social media profiles, view statistics, and access detailed analytics. Explore top-performing accounts in different categories with the “Top Lists” feature. 

    Why to use Social Blade:

    • Channel Grade: Evaluate the performance of the channel, distinguishing between average and top-tier.
    • Subscriber & View Rank: Determine the channel’s ranking based on the number of subscribers and views.
    • Estimated Monthly Earnings: Get an estimation of the channel’s monthly earnings.
    • Subscribers & Views in the past 30 days: Track the growth of subscribers and views over the past month,
      including the percentage increase.
    • Average Daily Subs & Views: Calculate the average number of daily subscribers and views.
    • Subs & Views Gained Today: Monitor the number of subscribers and views gained on the current day.
    • Tags Video Uses: Identify the tags utilized by the video on the channel.
    • Social Blade is available to install on Chrome  and Firefox.
      Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both Android and iOS.
    • The extension is completely free.


    TubeBuddy is a comprehensive YouTube management and optimization tool that assists content creators in growing their YouTube channels. With a wide range of features, TubeBuddy offers valuable analytics, SEO tools, bulk editing options, and more to enhance video performance, streamline workflows, and maximize channel growth.

    To use TubeBuddy, access the dashboard to view video analytics, conduct A/B testing, and determine the best time to publish for optimal engagement. 

    Why to use TubeBuddy:

    • Productivity Tools: Set yourself up for success on YouTube by utilizing tools that align with the platform’s best practices and enhance your productivity.
    • Bulk Processing Tools: Save time and streamline your channel management tasks, allowing you to focus more on content creation.
    • Video SEO Tools: Improve your video’s visibility in search results by optimizing tags, titles, and descriptions for better search rankings.
    • Promotion Tools: Easily promote your videos across multiple platforms, expanding your reach and maximizing exposure.
    • Data & Research Tools: Access valuable data and research insights to test, refine, and optimize your channel growth strategy.
    • TubeBuddy is available to install on Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both Android and iOS.
    • The extension is available for free, with a paid version ranging from $3 to $26 per month, offering more advanced features.

    Twitter Pixel Helper

    The Twitter Pixel Helper is a free tool that assists advertisers in verifying the implementation of their Twitter website tags. It provides real-time feedback on tag errors or issues, offers suggestions for improvement, and allows users to check dynamic parameter values for proper formatting.

    To use the Twitter Pixel Helper extension, visit your Twitter account, and the extension will automatically detect Twitter pixels that send data successfully. For advanced features, click the blue rectangle to explore options like the history feature and warning icon.

    Why to use Twitter Pixel Helper:

    • Real-time feedback: The extension provides instant feedback on the implementation of Twitter website tags.
    • Website tag fires: It detects and displays the number of website tag fires in the background.
    • Detailed information: Clicking on the extension icon expands a panel that shows details of the website tags found and any implementation warnings.
    • Verification assistance: The Twitter Pixel Helper helps advertisers verify the correct implementation of their Twitter website tags.


    • Twitter Pixel Helper is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The extension is available for free.

    Snap Pixel Helper

    The Snap Pixel Helper is an essential tool for advertisers seeking to track and measure the impact of their campaigns across devices. It enables them to verify and troubleshoot Snap Pixel implementations, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis. 

    To use the extension, visit your account and check the icon color, once it’s functioning, a red notification will appear, indicating the detection of snap pixels on your website. Click the icon to view all measured interactions. Gain valuable insights into your website’s data and pixel tracking.

    Why to use Snap Pixel Helper:

    • Pixel Verification: Snap Pixel helps advertisers verify, debug, and troubleshoot Snap Pixel implementations.
    • Cross-Device Measurement: it allows advertisers to measure the impact of their campaigns across multiple devices, tracking the actions taken by Snapchatters on their website(s) after viewing an ad.
    • Direct Response Goals: effectively achieving direct response goals, such as generating leads,
      acquiring subscriptions,
      or driving product sales. 
    • Preview insights: It provides insights beyond a single session or device,
      allowing for comprehensive measurement of these goals.
    • Twitter Pixel Helper is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The extension is available for free.

    TikTok Pixel Helper

    The TikTok Pixel Helper is a useful tool for advertisers to verify and troubleshoot the implementation of their TikTok pixel on their website. It helps ensure accurate tracking and measurement of campaign performance, providing insights into user actions and optimizing advertising strategies.

    To use the extension, run it in the background of your browser to monitor your Pixel Events while you load or interact with the website. Access the “Test Events” section to view in-depth insights on conversions and ad performance for your website. 

    Why to use TikTok Pixel Helper:

    • Verify and Troubleshoot Pixel Installation: The Snap Pixel Helper provides a seamless way to verify and troubleshoot the installation of the Snap Pixel on your website. It ensures that the pixel is correctly implemented and functioning as intended.
    • Error Detection and Recommendations: The extension performs a thorough check to identify any errors or issues with the pixel installation. It provides detailed diagnostics and recommendations to help you quickly resolve common issues and ensure accurate tracking of your campaigns.
    • Access to Instruction Guides: To assist you further, the Snap Pixel Helper grants access to relevant instruction guides. These guides offer step-by-step instructions and resources to help you troubleshoot and resolve any pixel installation challenges you may encounter.
    • TikTok Pixel Helper is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The extension is available for free.

    Meta Pixel Helper

    Meta Pixel Helper is a valuable tool for troubleshooting Facebook conversion tracking and validating pixel implementations. The extension offers real-time feedback, identifies errors, and provides suggestions to enhance performance.

    To use the Meta Pixel Helper extension, explore any website you want to track, and the Facebook Pixel Helper icon will display a small number indicating the pixel events detected. Click on the icon to expand a panel that provides a detailed overview of the page’s pixels, including warnings, errors, and successes.

    Why to use Meta Pixel Helper:

    • Meta Pixel Helper is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The extension is available for free.

    Bitly | Short links and QR Codes

    Bitly is a versatile link management platform that simplifies the process of creating and sharing powerful, customized links and QR codes. With a single click, users can generate shortened links and QR codes that are visually appealing and highly engaging. 

    To use Bitly, install the extension and click on the icon in your browser toolbar. Paste the long URL, click “Shorten,” and copy the shortened link. In the “Links” tab, view click data for each link. Bitly streamlines link shortening and provides click analytics.

    Why to use Bitly:

    • Effortless Link Shortening: Shorten URLs instantly with the Bitly extension using the toolbar button,
       and a unique, compact link is generated. 
    • Personalize Your Links: Customize links for a unique touch. Edit the back-half and upgrade to replace “” with your own brand. Make your links more memorable and engaging.
    • QR Codes Made Easy: Generate QR codes for various ad campaigns.
       Keep them dynamic by redirecting to new content whenever needed. Perfect for print, outdoor, and other marketing initiatives.
    • Bitly extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both Android and iOS.
    • The extension is available for free, with a paid version ranging from $8 to $199 per month, offering more advanced features.


    Sniply is a browser extension and online marketing tool that allows users to add custom messages or call-to-action (CTA) overlays to the content they share through social media or other platforms. When someone clicks on the shared link, they see the original content with the Sniply overlay, which can include a CTA button, an email signup form, or any other desired message.

    To use Sniply, customize the call-to-action (CTA) after creating an account with various designs, messages, and placement options. Target specific audiences, control CTA behavior, and integrate with other tools for performance tracking to optimize the impact of shared content and achieve marketing objectives through Sniply.

    Why to use Sniply:

    • CTA on any page: The extension allows you to easily add a Call-to-Action (CTA) to any web page you decide to snip, ensuring that you can engage your audience effectively and drive them to take desired actions.
    • Convenient link saving: You can save links to the clipboard and snip them later through the Sniply dashboard, making it easy to curate content and share it strategically at the most suitable times.
    • Comprehensive analytics: Sniply provides detailed insights into your links’ performance. The dashboard displays click data and engagement levels with your embedded content to help you understand your audience better and fine-tune your strategies accordingly.
    • Versatile use cases: Sniply is a powerful tool with diverse applications. It is not limited to one specific purpose but can be utilized for various goals, such as lead capture, blog post promotion, product sales, email sign-ups, and driving traffic. This versatility makes it a valuable asset for any online marketer or business owner.
    • Wide user base: Whether you are a blogger, marketer, entrepreneur, non-profit organization, event organizer, or anyone aiming to drive call-to-actions, Sniply caters to your needs and helps achieve your objectives effectively.
    • Sniply extension is available to install on Firefox and Chrome.
    • The extension is a paid service, with plans ranging from $9 to $60.


    Enlyft is a powerful solution for B2B sales and marketing teams of all sizes, providing them with the tools to discover, engage, and convert potential customers with ease. With advanced AI technology and a vast collection of proprietary data, Enlyft helps teams identify the most promising accounts among millions of companies worldwide. 

    Enlyft’s AI platform accurately predicts which companies are in need of their technology products and when they are ready to make a purchase, offering valuable insights about each account in seconds, enabling teams to conduct targeted and effective outreach. 
    To use Enlyft, sign in to your LinkedIn account and navigate to a prospect’s profile to access valuable insights, explore information such as verified contact details, company matching to your Ideal Customer Profile, and technology usage data. 

    Why to use Enlyft:

    • Efficient Company Profiling: Easily profile and filter over 23+ million companies using customizable attributes, allowing you to quickly identify and target relevant prospects.
    • Deep Company Insights: Gain access to continuously updated insights on each company, including detailed information on their technologies, helping you eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions.
    • Enhanced Lead Qualification: Use Enlyft’s comprehensive data to qualify prospects effectively. By understanding each company’s attributes and aligning them with your ideal customer profile, you can focus on high-quality leads.
    • Increased Win Rates: With access to more than 15,000 business and technology attributes, Enlyft enables you to identify prospects that closely match your ideal customer profile, improving your chances of closing deals successfully.
    • Time-Saving Automation: Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming tasks. Enlyft automates the process of compiling prospect data and eliminates the need to run multiple LinkedIn queries, saving you valuable hours every day.
    • Streamlined Workflow: With Enlyft, there’s no need to log into multiple tools or switch between screens. It provides a seamless experience, allowing you to assess companies within your addressable market without any hassle.
    • Targeted Phone Calls: By leveraging Enlyft’s insights, you can avoid wasting precious phone minutes by ensuring you’re speaking to the right buyer persona. This targeted approach maximizes the effectiveness of your communication and increases the chances of conversion.
    • Enlyft extension is available to install on Chrome, and Edge.
    • Enlyft extension is available for free, with a paid version for pro features 


    Switchy is the cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes link engagement. Enhance your conversions, track performance, and create custom branded links effortlessly. With Switchy, your link sharing becomes a powerful tool for boosting engagement and achieving outstanding results. Experience the future of intelligent link management and take your online presence to new heights.

    To use Switchy, pin it to your browser and sign in to get access to all the features you can use. Once you’re done editing your link, click “get my link” and you’re ready!

    Why to use Switchy:

    • Custom Domain Name: Use your own domain name before sharing links, providing a professional and branded appearance for your company.
    • Pixels Integration: Integrate pixels directly into your links, enabling you to track conversions and retarget users who click on the links, optimizing your advertising campaigns.
    • Links Customization: Customize the title, description, and picture of your links, enhancing their appearance and increasing click-through rates (CTR) by making them more appealing and relevant.
    • Real-time Reporting: Track and access real-time data about your links through a dedicated dashboard, allowing you to monitor performance and make informed decisions promptly.
    • Smart Ads: Create super-charged retargeting ad campaigns that leverage the data from your links, maximizing your conversion rate by targeting users who have already shown interest.
    • Affiliate Program: Join the affiliate program offered by the Chrome extension, allowing you to earn money while helping the platform grow and become the best remarketing platform available.
    • Switchy is available to install on Chrome browser 
    • It offers plans ranging from $47 to $469 per month 

    Workflow and Productivity Tools


    Feedly is a versatile content aggregation and reader tool that helps you stay informed and organized. It allows you to gather and curate content from various sources, such as blogs, news sites, and social media, in one central place. 

    To use Feedly, add feeds to your account, and Use the extension to read the latest content from your feeds. Easily manage your reading list by marking articles as read or saving them for later. Feedly helps you stay updated with your favorite websites and efficiently organize your reading materials.

    Why to use Feedly:

    • Save and Organize: Save interesting pages for later reading and keep them organized within your Feedly account. Never miss out on valuable articles and resources.
    • Share via Email and Social Media: Effortlessly share pages with others by emailing them directly from Feedly. You can also share content on Twitter and Facebook to engage your audience and spread valuable information.
    • Integration with Evernote: Seamlessly save pages to your Evernote account for convenient access and archiving. Keep all your important articles and resources in one place.
    • Curate and Tag: Curate content from various sources and tag them for easy retrieval and organization. Build your own collection of valuable articles and create a personalized knowledge base.
    • Feedly extension is available to install on Chrome and Safari. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • The extension is available for free, with a paid version ranging from $6 to $12 per month depending on the plan,
      offering more advanced features.

    Clear Cache

    Clear Cache is a utility tool that helps users clear their browser cache to improve website performance and resolve issues caused by cached data. By clearing the cache, users can ensure that they are accessing the most up-to-date version of websites and eliminate any potential conflicts or errors that may arise from outdated cached files.

    To use Clear Cache, from the dropdown menu, select the specific data you want to clear, click the clear button and let the extension clear the cache for you. 

    Why to use Clear Cache:

    • Customize Your Clearing Options: Tailor your cache clearing preferences by selecting from a range of options such as App Cache, Cache, Cookies, Downloads, File Systems, Form Data, History, Indexed DB, Local Storage,
      Plugin Data, Passwords, and WebSQL.
    • Flexible Cookie Management: Take control of your cookies. Choose to remove cookies globally, only for specific domains, or exclude certain domains from the clearing process.
      Enjoy a personalized browsing experience while keeping your cache clean and optimized.
    • Clear Cache extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • The extension is completely free.


    Hoverify is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline web development and design processes. It provides developers and designers with a range of capabilities to inspect and modify code directly on websites. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionality, Hoverify empowers users to enhance their coding workflow and achieve optimal results with ease.

    To use Hoverify, hover over any element on the web page to inspect its HTML and CSS code in real-time. You can edit the code directly within the Hoverify panel and see the changes reflected immediately. Additionally, Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking the “Save” button in the panel. 

    Why to use Hoverify:

    • Inspector: Easily inspect and edit CSS and HTML elements on the page.
    • Color Eyedropper: Pick colors from anywhere on the page and save them for later use.
    • Assets: Extract images, SVGs, videos, and animations from the webpage and download them.
    • Responsive: Test and synchronize interactions across multiple devices in real-time.
    • Debug: Clear cache, check link status, and perform spell checks on the webpage.
    • Capture: Take screenshots of the entire page or specific areas and save them in different formats.
    • Built with: Discover the technologies and hosting details used in building the webpage
    • Hoverify extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • Hoverify is a free extension.


    Scribe is a time-saving optimization tool that helps users create search engine-friendly content effortlessly. The extension offers personalized guidance and real-time feedback to enhance the SEO of your content. It simplifies the process of improving search engine visibility and provides valuable insights for creating effective content strategies.

    To use Scribe, open the web page you want to analyze, and Scribe will provide insights on readability, grammar, and tone. Make necessary improvements to enhance engagement. 

    Why to use Scribe:

    Automated Guide Generation

    Easily generate step-by-step guides without manual effort.

    Seamless Sharing

    Share guides with a single click, making it effortless to distribute information.

    Easy Integration

    Embed Scribe's guides into any knowledge base or CMS seamlessly.

    Customization Options

    Customize the content, steps, and images within the guides.

    Sensitive Information Protection

    Automatically redact sensitive information from the generated guides.

    Enhanced Security and Controls

    Enjoy enterprise-grade security and administrative controls for your content.

    • Scribe extension is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The extension is available for free, with a paid version starting from $12 per month, offering more advanced features.

    Print Friendly & PDF

    Print Friendly & PDF is a useful tool that optimizes web pages for printing and converts them to PDF format with ease. Its intuitive interface and customization options make it simple to remove unwanted elements and create professional-looking prints or PDFs. It’s a valuable tool for enhancing your printing and PDF experience.

    To use it, open any web page you want, and click the extension to enter the print-friendly view without ads or unnecessary elements. Customize options like font size and orientation. Finally, print the page or save it as a PDF using the respective buttons.

    Why to use Print Friendly:

    • Print Preview: View a preview of the content before printing, ensuring it meets your requirements.
    • Save as PDF: Convert the content into a PDF file format for easy sharing and archiving.
    • Email Page: Send the page directly via email to share it with others conveniently.
    • Remove Unwanted Content: Easily remove unwanted images and text from the content,
      allowing for a cleaner and more focused output.
    • Adjust Font Size: Adjust the font size according to your preferences, ensuring optimal readability.
    • The extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • It is completely free. 


    TabExtend is a browser extension that optimizes your tab management. It provides tools to organize and customize your tabs, making it easier to navigate and work efficiently. With enhanced tab grouping and intuitive shortcuts, TabExtend helps you stay organized and maximize your productivity while browsing.

    To use TabExtend, open a new tab to access the dashboard, customize your dashboard by adding your favorite websites and widgets. Add a new website by clicking “Add New” and entering the URL.
    Clicking “Widgets” and selecting the desired widget to add a new widget.

    Why to use TabExtend:

    • Tab Management: Easily manage and organize your tabs for efficient browsing.
    • Notes / To-dos: Take notes or create to-do lists within the extension for convenient reference.
    • Popover with Saved Notes: Access saved notes directly from a popover window on any website.
    • Data Syncing: Synchronize your data across multiple devices for seamless access and continuity.
    • Bookmark and Top Sites Import: Import bookmarks and top sites from other browsers or sources.
    • Text-Snippet Saving: Save selected text snippets for future reference or quick access.
    • Site and Item Search: Search within sites and items to find specific information quickly.
    • Shared Workspaces: Collaborate with others by sharing workspaces for joint projects or tasks.
    • Share Categories via Public Link: Share specific categories of content with others using a public link.
    • TabExtend extension is only available to install on Chrome. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • The extension is available for free, with a pro plan for $6 per month, offering more advanced features.

    Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

    Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides is a browser extension that enables viewing and editing Microsoft Office files in your browser, eliminating the need for additional software. It offers seamless integration and easy access to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, streamlining productivity and collaboration.

    To use it, open Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, edit the document within the respective Google app. Save the edited file to your Google Drive or export it as a Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

    Why to use Office Editing:

    • The extension is only available to install on Chrome.
    • It is completely free.

    Save to Pocket

    Save to Pocket is a convenient browser extension that enables you to easily bookmark and save online content for future reference. With a single click, you can store articles, web pages, videos, and more, creating your personal library of valuable resources, ensuring you never lose track of important information.

    To use it, click the Save to Pocket icon in your browser toolbar to save articles or web pages for later reading. Organize your saved content with tags, highlights, and archiving. Access your saved articles offline at any time.

    Why to use Save to Pocket:

    • Save and Absorb Content: Easily save articles, images, videos, links, and more for later consumption
      and absorb them when you’re ready.
    • Capture Content from Various Sources: Gather news articles, stories, long reads, recipes, memes, links, and videos from popular platforms such as Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Flipboard, Washington Post, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube.
    • Read in a Calm Environment: Enjoy a focused and serene reading experience within Pocket, where you can immerse yourself in the saved content without distractions.
    • Tagging System: Organize and categorize your saved stories with tags, enabling efficient ordering, sorting, and easy retrieval of content within your Pocket library.
    • The extension is available to install on Chrome , Firefox  and Safari. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • Save To Pocket is completely free.



    OneTab is a browser extension that helps you organize and streamline your open tabs. With a click, it consolidates all your tabs into a simple list, reducing clutter and improving browsing efficiency. You can easily restore tabs when needed, keeping you organized and enhancing your productivity.

    To use the OneTap extension, log into a website, the extension will save your credentials securely. The next time you visit that site, OneTap will automatically fill in your login information with a single click. This eliminates the need to remember and type passwords repeatedly, saving you time and effort. 

    Why to use OneTab:

    • Save Memory: OneTab reduces memory usage by up to 95% by consolidating open tabs into a single list.
    • Organize Tabs: Easily manage and access your tabs in a centralized, clutter-free interface.
    • Improved Performance: Experience faster browsing with fewer open tabs consuming system resources.
    • Simplified Workflow: Focus on essential tabs and eliminate tab overload for increased productivity.
    • The extension is available to install on Chrome  and Firefox.
    • It is completely free.


    Dashlane is a reliable password management tool that ensures the security and convenience of your online accounts. The extension simplifies the login process and enhances your online security, making it easier to manage your digital life.

    To use Dashlane, create an account with a master password, and Save login credentials when prompted, and Dashlane will autofill them on future visits. 

    Why to use Dashlane:

    Password Management:

    View, copy, and generate passwords easily with the Dashlane extension, ensuring strong and secure password practices.

    Login and Form Autofill:

    Save your logins and form information for quick and convenient autofill while browsing the internet, saving time and effort.

    Password Protection:

    Dashlane secures your passwords using bank-grade encryption, providing the highest level of security.

    Real-Time Alerts:

    Receive immediate notifications in real-time when your compromised logins are discovered on the dark web.

    • Dashlane extension is available to install on Chrome and Safari.
      Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both
      Android and iOS.
    • The extension is available for free, with premium plans starting from $59 per month, offering more advanced features.


    The LastPass password manager is a highly reliable tool that offers a secure and user-friendly method for handling your online credentials. The extension guarantees a worry-free experience when it comes to managing your digital identity.

    To use LastPass extension, create an account with a master password, and save your login credentials. LastPass will securely store and autofill your information whenever you visit the respective websites.

    Why to use LastPass:

    • Quick Form Filling: Save your addresses, credit card numbers, and other information to fill forms quickly and efficiently.
    • Cross-Device Accessibility: Access all your data on any device for free,
      ensuring your information is readily available wherever you need it.
    • Dark Web Monitoring: LastPass provides dark web monitoring alerts, notifying you if your information is at risk or compromised.
    • instant Syncing: Any data you save on one device is instantly synced across all your other devices, providing seamless access and continuity.
    • LastPass extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
      Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for both
      Android and iOS.
    • The extension is available for free, with premium plans starting from $4 per month, offering more advanced features.


    ZenMate VPN

    ZenMate VPN is a trusted and easy-to-use VPN service that ensures your online privacy and security. It allows you to browse the internet anonymously, protect your sensitive information, and access restricted content effortlessly.

    To use the ZenMate extension, select a location to mask your IP address, and enable the VPN service by toggling the “Protection” switch. ZenMate will encrypt your internet connection and hide your IP address for enhanced privacy and security.

    Why to use ZenMate VPN:

    • Secure VPN Connection: ZenMate VPN for Chrome goes beyond being a proxy extension.
      It provides a secure VPN connection that utilizes military-grade 256-bit encryption for your browser traffic.
    • Data Protection: By encrypting your browser traffic, ZenMate VPN prevents third parties from intercepting and stealing your data.
    • Access Any Site: By hiding your IP address, ZenMate VPN enables you to access any website on the internet,
      regardless of regional restrictions or censorship.
    • No Compromises: With ZenMate VPN, you don’t need to compromise speed while enjoying streaming, downloading,
      or torrenting your favorite content.
    • Access Your Favorite Shows: With ZenMate VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and access your favorite shows and content on various streaming platforms.
    • No Activity Logs: ZenMate VPN does not keep any logs of its users’ activity, guaranteeing that no one, including the government, your internet service provider (ISP), or advertisers, will have any knowledge of your online activities.
    • ZenMate VPN  is available to install on Chrome  and Firefox.
    • The extension is free to install. 


    UnDistracted is a productivity tool designed to help you stay focused and minimize distractions. It creates a focused work environment by blocking distractions, managing notifications, and optimizing task organization. With UnDistracted, you can boost your productivity and maintain better concentration on your tasks.

    To use the extension, select the sites you want to hide feeds on, and customize the sections of Facebook and YouTube that you want to hide. Once configured, visit the selected sites, and the feeds will be hidden,
    allowing you to focus on the content without distractions.

    Why to use UnDistracted:

    Block list:

    Customize the list of websites you want to block, preventing access to those sites.

    Custom URL:

    Set a custom URL to be redirected to when attempting to open a blocked site. The default is currently set to Google.

    Hide tooltips:

    Choose to hide tooltips, which are small informational pop-ups, for a less cluttered browsing experience.

    Cross-Device Compatibility:

    Your extension settings are synced over your Google account, enabling you to use the extension with the same settings across multiple computers.

    Consistent Experience:

    Syncing ensures that your preferences, configurations, and personalized settings remain consistent and readily available on any device associated with your Google account.

    Seamless Transition:

    By syncing your settings, you can effortlessly switch between different computers while maintaining your preferred configurations and enjoying a seamless browsing experience.

    • UnDistracted is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The extension is completely free.

    HubSpot Sales

    HubSpot Sales is a powerful sales tool designed to enhance your sales processes and boost performance. It offers a range of features to help you effectively manage contacts, track customer interactions, and gain valuable insights. With HubSpot Sales, you can streamline your sales activities and improve overall sales efficiency.

    To use the extension, Login with your Gmail account, compose an email, and enable the tracking feature by checking the “track” checkbox. When the recipient opens the email, its status will be updated to “open” in your HubSpot Sales account.

    Why to use HubSpot Sales:

    • Track Email Activity: Gain insights into the activity of your sent emails, including opens and clicks,
      to understand recipient engagement.
    • Data-driven Decision Making: Use email tracking data to analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns and make informed decisions to optimize engagement.
    • Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Manage your customer relationships directly within Gmail, providing a seamless workflow and centralized access to important client information.
    • Time-saving Templates: Create reusable email templates to save time on repetitive tasks, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your email communications.
    • Simplified Scheduling: Streamline the process of scheduling meetings by allowing others to view your availability and book time slots that work for both parties.
    • On-the-Go Access: Stay connected and manage your emails, contacts, and CRM activities from your mobile devices, providing flexibility and productivity while on the move.
    • HubSpot Sales is only available to install on Chrome. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • The extension is available for free, with premium plans starting from $45 per month, offering more advanced features.

    Guide Creator by HubSpot

    Guide Creator is the ultimate tool for effortlessly crafting comprehensive step-by-step guides with screenshots. With the Chrome extension, transforming your processes into clear and visually enhanced how-to guides has never been easier. Whether it’s for your team’s internal use or for sharing insights with clients and prospects, Guide Creator puts the power of streamlined knowledge sharing in your hands.

    To use it, click on the “Start Capturing” button, and navigate to the system for which you want to create documentation. Once you click on an element, the extension will automatically document it with screenshots and a written explanation for each step. 

    You can effortlessly edit this documentation later, whether it’s the written explanation of the steps or even reordering and eliminating them to tailor the final documentation as needed.

    Why to use Guide Creator:

      • Streamlined Guide Creation: Guide Creator simplifies the process of transforming complex procedures into easy-to-follow guides, saving time and effort.


      • Visual Clarity: Enhance the comprehensibility of your guides by incorporating screenshots at each stage to help users better understand the process, reducing confusion and enhancing retention.


      • Polished Presentation: The automatic labeling and layout features of Guide Creator ensure that your guides are consistently professional in appearance.


      • Tailored for Your Audience: Customize the content to suit your intended audience, your internal team, valuable customers, or potential clients. It allows you to adapt the wording and imagery for maximum relevance.


      • Effortless Sharing: With web links that provide instant access to your guides, you can empower users to find the information they need without the delays of scheduling screen-sharing sessions.


      • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Equip your team with well-structured guides that facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer. Empower colleagues to navigate tasks seamlessly and reduce the learning curve for new processes.


      • Exceptional Customer Support: Delight your customers by providing them with clear, actionable guides that address their queries efficiently, offering a top-notch support that solves issues promptly.


      • Optimized Time Management: Converting processes into user-friendly guides not only benefits your audience but also saves you time in the long run. Help others understand tasks quicker and reduce the need for repeated explanations.
    • The extension is only available to install on Chrome browser.
    • Guide Creator extension is free to use.


    LinkedHub extension establishes a seamless connection between LinkedIn and HubSpot, allowing for smooth data transfer and interaction between the two platforms. It enhances the user experience by facilitating the exchange of information and insights, contributing to more streamlined and efficient workflows.

    To use LinkedHub, simply install it in your browser,and navigate to the desired LinkedIn profile you wish to synchronize. Then, click on the dark blue sync button. With this easy process completed, you can now seamlessly access the essential data you require and make the most of your experience.

    Why to use LinkedHub:

    Effortless Data Syncing: LinkedHub enables seamless synchronization of crucial data between your LinkedIn account and HubSpot CRM, streamlining your workflow with just a single click.

    Comprehensive Data Capture: LinkedHub captures various types of essential data, including contact details, company insights, and conversation history, ensuring a comprehensive view of your interactions and connections.

    Enhanced Customer Insights: By integrating LinkedIn data into HubSpot, LinkedHub empowers you with deeper insights into your contacts and leads, facilitating more personalized and effective communication.

    Time and Resource Efficiency: The one-click syncing feature and automated data transfer save you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus more on meaningful interactions and strategic tasks.

    Seamless Integration: LinkedHub seamlessly integrates with HubSpot CRM and Sales tools, enhancing your overall customer relationship management and sales processes.

    Optimized Workflows: By utilizing LinkedHub's integration capabilities, you can optimize your workflows, eliminate manual data entry, and ensure data consistency across platforms.


    LinkedHub offers plans starting from a completely free version to $99, all according to the Contact limit. Learn more from here

    Kaspersky Security

    Kaspersky Security is a trusted cybersecurity solution that keeps your devices and data safe from online threats. It offers reliable protection against malware, viruses, and phishing attacks, ensuring the security of your digital presence and sensitive information.

    To use the extension, scan websites you visit for security threats, and If a threat is found, you’ll receive an alert with options for removal. Customize your security settings, including protection level and types of threats to scan for. Access reports to view visited websites and detected threats.

    Why to use Kasperkey Security:

    • Comprehensive Online Security: Safeguards your financial transactions, personal information, and sensitive data from online threats, such as hacking, phishing, and identity theft.
    • Website Warning System: Detects and alerts you about deceptive websites, phishing attempts, and hacked sites, providing an extra layer of protection against online threats.
    • Safe Browsing: Scans websites for potential risks and vulnerabilities, ensuring that you browse the internet safely and avoid malicious or compromised websites.
    • Password Management: Offers secure password management features, allowing you to generate strong, unique passwords and store them in an encrypted vault for easy access and enhanced security.
    • Kaspersky Security is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • Kaspersky is a paid service with plans starting from $50 per year.


    Blurweb is a privacy-enhancing tool that lets you blur sensitive information on web pages before capturing screenshots or screen recordings. It safeguards personal or confidential data by obscuring it, ensuring privacy and security.

    To use it, draw boxes around the areas you want to blur or hide, adjust the blur intensity, and apply the changes with a click. 

    Why to use Blurweb:

    • Privacy Protection: Blur sensitive information such as personal details, passwords,
      or confidential content to safeguard your privacy.
    • Blur Intensity Control: Adjust the intensity of the blur effect to your preference, allowing you to fine-tune the level of obscuration.
    • Content Redaction: Easily hide or blur specific sections or elements of a webpage when sharing screenshots or recordings to protect sensitive data.
    • Blurweb is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • The extension is completely free.


    Hunter is a reliable tool for professionals across industries for finding and verifying email addresses linked to specific domains. It streamlines the process of locating contact information for networking, business development, and outreach purposes.

    To use the Hunter extension, find email addresses associated with a specific domain by entering the domain name in the search bar and click “Find.” The extension will retrieve and display available email addresses along with their sources.

    Why to use Hunter:

    Domain Search:

    Find information about a specific domain, including its registration details, hosting provider, and other relevant data.

    Email Finder:

    Search for email addresses associated with a specific domain or individual. 

    List Building:

    Build targeted email lists by finding and collecting email addresses from various sources based on specific criteria, such as industry, location, or job title, to support your marketing and outreach efforts.

    • Hunter is available to install on Chrome  and Firefox.
    • The extension is available for free, with premium plans starting from $49 per month, offering more advanced features.

    Design and Visual Tools


    GoFullPage is an extension that allows you to capture full-page screenshots of websites with ease. It eliminates the need to take multiple screenshots and stitch them together manually. By capturing the entire page in one shot, it saves time and provides a seamless way to capture and save web content for reference or sharing purposes.

    To use the GoFullPage extension, open the desired web page, and click the extension icon to capture a full-page screenshot. Save the screenshot as an image or share it directly from the extension.

    Why to use GoFullPage:

    • Lightweight and Minimalistic: The extension focuses on providing a straightforward and efficient solution for converting web pages into images without unnecessary features or excessive resource usage.
    • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy a clean and ad-free user interface,
      ensuring a distraction-free and seamless image capturing process.
    • Flexible Export Formats: Multiple export formats, including PNG, JPEG, and PDF, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your needs for saving or sharing the captured web page image.
    • Customizable PDF Paper Sizes: Customize the PDF output by selecting from a range of paper sizes available in the extension’s options, ensuring that the captured web page is accurately represented in the PDF document.
    • Annotate and Highlight: Use the annotation tools to add text, shapes, arrows, and other visual elements to your screenshots, providing context, emphasizing important details, or adding informative captions.
    • The extension is only available to install on Chrome.
    • The tool is completely free.


    ColorZilla is a handy color picker extension for web designers and developers. It allows you to quickly identify and capture colors from any webpage, making it easy to use them in your own projects. Additionally, ColorZilla offers a gradient generator for creating stunning color gradients. 

    To use the ColorZilla extension, click the ColorZilla icon, and select the eyedropper tool. Hover over any area to select a color, which will be displayed in the ColorZilla toolbar with its code.

    Why to use ColorZilla:

    Convenient Color Identification: The Eyedropper feature allows you to easily extract the color of any pixel on a web page, providing precise color information for your design or development needs.

    Advanced Color Picker: Similar to the color picker tool in Photoshop, the extension offers an advanced color picker with various options and controls, enabling you to fine-tune and select colors with precision.

    CSS Gradient Generator: Create stunning CSS gradients effortlessly using the built-in gradient generator, offering a range of customization options to achieve the desired gradient effect for your web projects.

    Palette Viewer: Explore color palettes with the extension's palette viewer, which includes seven pre-installed palettes, allowing you to quickly switch between different color schemes or create your own custom palettes.

    Convenient Features: Color history, element information, clipboard integration, keyboard shortcuts, dynamic hover element support, single-click color picking, and zoom level compatibility.

    • ColorZilla extension is available to install on Chrome  and Firefox.
    • The extension is completely free.


    WhatFont is a handy browser extension for designers and developers. It helps you identify and inspect fonts on web pages with a single click. By quickly determining font details like family, size, weight, and style, you can gather inspiration and choose the right typography for your projects. WhatFont streamlines font identification, saving you time and enhancing your design workflow.

    To use the WhatFont extension, hover over text to view its font details. Additionally, you can use the bookmarklet feature to detect fonts on images and the font playground for testing different fonts and styles.

    Why to use WhatFont:

    • Quick Font Recognition: The extension swiftly recognizes and displays the fonts upon hovering, saving time and effort in identifying and analyzing web typography.
    • Accessibility for Non-Developers: Designed with non-developers in mind, this extension makes font inspection accessible to a wider audience, enabling anyone to explore and discover the fonts used on a webpage.
    • Typekit Support: Recognizes fonts served through Typekit, a widely used font service, providing insights into the fonts employed on the webpage.
    • Google Font API Support: Detects fonts obtained from the Google Font API, enabling users to identify and explore the wide range of fonts available through this service.
    • WhatFont extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • The extension is free to use.

    Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder

    Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder is a convenient browser extension for capturing screenshots and recording videos. It provides a range of annotation tools to enhance your captured content. Whether you need to document issues, create tutorials, or share visuals, Nimbus simplifies the process with its user-friendly features.

    To use the Nimbus extension, choose a capture method to take screenshots or record screencasts. Customize your captures with annotations and highlights, and save them as image or video files. Share your captures directly from the Nimbus extension, selecting the desired file format.

    Why to use Nimbus:

    • Nimbus extension is available to install on Chrome and Firefox.
    • The extension is available for free, with premium plans starting from $7 per month, offering more advanced features.

    Loom – Screen Recorder & Screen Capture

    Loom is a powerful screen recording and screen capture tool that enables you to create and share videos effortlessly. It simplifies the process of capturing and sharing visual content, making it ideal for tutorials, presentations, and collaborations. With its user-friendly interface, Loom is a convenient solution for communicating and conveying information visually.

    To use the Loom extension, select the desired recording options, and customize settings like resolution and audio input. Start recording by choosing the screen area to capture. When finished, click the “Stop Recording” button to save the video to your Loom account. Share the video via email or download it as an MP4 file.

    Why to use Loom:

    • Versatile Recording: Record your screen, camera, microphone, and internal audio, allowing you to create comprehensive videos with audiovisual elements.
    • Cloud Storage and Instant Sharing: Videos are automatically saved to the cloud, providing easy access and instant sharing through shareable links.
    • Notifications and Engagement: Receive notifications when someone views, reacts, or comments on your videos, fostering engagement and collaboration.
    • Time-Based Comments and Emoji Reactions: Leave comments and react with emojis at specific timestamps in the video, facilitating contextual feedback and interaction.
    • Seamless Library Management: Manage your Loom video library across devices and on-the-go,
      ensuring easy organization and accessibility.
    • Security and Access Controls: Choose who can see your videos by setting security and access controls,
      ensuring privacy and selective sharing.
    • Download Recordings: Download your recordings to your camera roll or local storage, enabling offline access and flexibility in sharing or editing.
    • Loom extension is only available to install on Chrome. Additionally, it offers a mobile app version for Android.
    • The extension is available for free, with business plans starting from $12.50 per month, offering more advanced features.


    WhatFont is the ultimate tool for designers and developers. With a simple click, you can effortlessly identify and inspect fonts used on web pages, gather inspiration and make informed typography choices by swiftly accessing details like family, size, weight, and style. WhatFont optimizes your design workflow, saving you valuable time and enhancing your overall productivity.

    To use WhatFont, simply hover over text to reveal intricate font details, gaining valuable insights into its details, and with the bookmarklet feature, do the same to identify fonts used in images. 

    Why to use WhatFont:

    • Font Recognition: The extension quickly identifies and displays fonts upon hovering, saving time and effort in analyzing web typography and allowing users to easily identify the fonts used on a webpage.
    • Accessibility: Designed with non-developers in mind, this extension makes font inspection accessible to a wider audience, eliminating the need for technical knowledge, allowing anyone to explore and discover the fonts used on a webpage.
    • Google Font API Support: The extension detects fonts obtained from the Google Font API. This functionality enables users to identify and explore the wide range of fonts available through the Google Font API, expanding their font exploration possibilities.
    • WhatFont extension is available to install on Chrome, and Firefox.
    • The extension is free to use.
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