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Analytics and Reporting Services

If you are investing money in marketing your business, you need to track and measure how well your marketing efforts are at delivering you leads and sales. We help you make sense of your analytics and campaign reports.

Successful Marketing Is Rooted In Data

Digital marketing requires data. SBKITS’s analytics experts happily reside in a world of spreadsheets, pie charts, APIs, and databases. We believe that a good marketing strategy is hinged on data.
There are stories to be told hiding in the numbers you track, and these stories could be the difference between a wildly successful campaign and missing the mark.

Why You Need Analytics and Reporting Service?

Unless your marketing campaign decisions are driven by data, you’re just guessing.
Here are some stats related to analytics and reporting
that might make you think twice about the importance of data:


Companies who adopt data-driven marketing are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year


of marketers believe speed to action is a primary benefit of using marketing analytics


of marketers acknowledge that proving marketing ROI is the greatest challenge they face in the boardroom


of US marketers segment data to better target and engage customers

Reports gather data all in one place to make it useful

Compiling, organizing and comparing data means that you know exactly how well your campaigns are performing. We’ll help you get set up with effective ways to track data so that you can learn from it and be overwhelmed by it.

An Illustration Shows How Social Media Ads Work
An Illustration Shows People With A Board Filled With Analyses And Reports

Analytics work behind the scenes

In order to optimize the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, you’ll need to know what to do with all of that data. We can help you with the tools needed to figure out what campaigns work and how to make them better.

What Can You Get From Reporting & Analytics Services?

Do you have an easy way to spot social media trends?
Do you know what kind of ROI you’re bringing?
Do you know what your audience expects and wants and how they perceive your content and messaging?
What about how your content is perceived when compared to your competitors?
Is your strategy working?
All the above and more is exactly what we are going to do for you!

Best Days to Post

See if there is a favorite day and if the publications are spread over the whole week. 

So you can re-schedule your social media plan to fit your target audience’s time which will directly affect your engagement and conversion rate noticeably.

Best Time to Post & the Frequency

Get noticed by your target customers with the frequency that they need to recognize your brand without frustrating them.

You’ll find out how much is posted each day on average in the selected period per day, and discover what are the best days and times to post on your business profile in different channels like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkenIn…


Engagement Matrix

The engagement matrix shows the different posts used by the selected pages.
We support companies in making decisions based on their corporate or communication goals which social media activities to execute.
We cover multiple layers that impact how each of our social signals can contribute to becoming important and valuable to people who don’t know us yet. Such as Content, Context, Network, and Effort.

Competitor Analysis

Get a detailed analysis of how competitors are to generate new opportunities for you.

Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Industry 1
Industry 2
Industry 3

Types Of Posts

Here you can see the mixture of post types used by all selected pages. Find out which types of posts are used most often in the selected time period.
Generally speaking, it is good advice to try out all post types and entertain fans with a good mixture.

Page Score

Analytics for all aspects of your social media channel’s page, including your fans, content quality and frequency, your engagement rate, and quality.
 All these scores will give you deep insights and will show the strengths and weaknesses, so you will be able to optimize and enhance your page to get the best results and improve your conversion rate.

Total Score

Our Reporting & Analytics Service

With SBKITS you have everything you need for professional social media management:
analyzing, publishing, communicating, researching and presenting. Everything in one platform.

$ 160
USD / Per Brand

Engagement Statistics

Understand Your Audience

Brand Monitoring: The Volume of Mentions & Sentiment Analysis

Competitor Spying: Learn how to succeed as the top players in your niche

White-labeled Report (Additional $12)

We will contact you to confirm your brand once the payment is done


1 Brand = 1 Company.
Every Company has 1 Channel/Profile on any given platform
( 1 Facebook Page – 1 Twitter Profile – 1 YouTube Channel – 1 Instagram Business Profile – 1 Linkedin Company Page).

If you have 2 Facebook Pages you need to purchase 2 Brands

No. The $160 price is for 1 channel/profile only.
If you want detailed analytics for all the 5 channels/profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin) the price is $310

All provided reports are branded with SBKITS Logo, Color & Identity, if you want to set the report with your logo, colors & identity. If you need to purchase the White-label report add-on.

We will set up a ZOOM Meeting with you AFTER THE PAYMENT to ask you some questions, confirm the URLs for the channels you want to analyze, and discuss everything with you (including showing you some examples) before we start working on the report.
And if you are not happy & satisfied with what you will deliver, we will REFUND you with the FULL AMOUNT.

The refund will return to your original card within max 14 business days.

There are plenty of tools out there and every tool have its pros and cons, so we are helping you with:

1- Picking the right metrics that meet your goal and deciding which tools you need to use.
2- We provide our analysis from multiple tools we are already subscribed to, so you do not have to pay a separate subscription for every tool as we analyse your channels with the different tools we work with.tool.

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