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Publer: 20 Features for Managing Social Media Success

Schedule all your social media posts
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    Managing and keeping up with all of your business social media accounts online can be quite challenging and time-consuming, but not with Publer! 

    Publer is a social media tool that allows you to easily manage your social media accounts, all on one platform.

    Not only can you create a posting schedule for your social media posts, but you can also add signatures, Shortcodes, and sync RSS feeds, among other useful features!

    We will guide you through Publer’s best features and how you can use them to run your social accounts and ultimately boost your business!

    Let’s dive right in! 

    Schedule all your social media posts

    First and foremost, Publer allows you to schedule all of your posts on social media easily and efficiently. When you create a new post, you can select which social media accounts you want to post it on (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Google Business Profile, YouTube, Pinterest, WordPress, Telegram) and then you can customize your post for each individual account and see a live view of the post before it’s published! 

    And even after posting, you can still edit your published posts, and they would automatically sync, isn’t that great?

    Publer Calednar
    Publer Calednar

    And you can create and schedule all types of posts from Facebook carousel posts to Pinterest pins, so you got everything covered! 

    And you can even create your own posting schedule for your social media accounts. So, for example, you can schedule a post to go live every Monday at 12PM sharp and it will automatically post it for you. Additionally, you can use labels to filter and organize all of your posts, so they’re easy to track and categorize, not to mention that you can view everything in calendar view, so it’s all in front of you! 

    When scheduling a post, you have four options from which you can choose: 

    1. Manually: This allows you to manually select the date and time on which your post goes live.

    2. AutoSchedule: This option lets you select a specific posting schedule that you created, so you can easily schedule your posts. This is particularly handy if you’re running multiple accounts and have specific days for posting and sharing content: Publer takes care of it for you! You can find the exact steps to create a posting schedule right here

    3. Recycle: With this option, you can recycle your posts during the empty posting slots in your schedule so that your content is constantly being shared and circulated. Again, this is all done automatically by Publer, and you can find out how to set it up here

    4. Recurring: If you want to share the same post again without wasting your time repeating any steps, then the recurring option is for you. You can easily create a recurring post and decide on its frequency then Publer takes care of it, here’s how

    Why is this crucial for your business? 

    Everyone knows that managing multiple social media accounts can be time-consuming if you don’t have a regular, set posting schedule, but Publer saves you and your business a lot of time (and time is money!). That’s why Publer is your social media saviour, it allows you to schedule posts and do so much more!

    Recycling Your Social Posts
    Recycling your social posts

    And did you know that you can also Auto-Delete your posts? If you have a special promotion or a collaboration, for example, you can choose a date and time on which the post is automatically deleted from your socials.

    Publer really does it all! 

    Customize for every channel

    If you’re tired of wasting time and money on multiple platforms to maintain your social media presence, Publer is your saver! It enables you to  maintain a strong online presence while saving time and money. You won’t need to sign in to every social media platform, upload your pictures more than once, or manually copy and paste your posts on each platform.

    Customize Your Posts For Every Social Media Channel
    Customize your posts for every social media channel

    Use Publer’s Customize Post button to post the same thing on multiple social platforms without any extra effort. You can even add more photos for Facebook, shorten your post for Twitter, remove emojis for LinkedIn, or add a call-to-action button for Google My Business, all from the same spot. If there’s an issue with your post, we’ll let you know, like if it’s too long for Twitter or has unsupported media, so you can fix it. No more copy-pasting or juggling multiple tabs!

    Comment Follow-ups and Posting Delays

    In addition to scheduling posts, you can also schedule follow-up comments that can be posted immediately after your post goes live or after a specific time. So, you can share your post then follow it up with a comment ten minutes later, for example!

    Follow-Up Comments
    Follow-up Comments

    This also works for your posts as you can delay between posts so as to not spam your audience with much content at once. For example, your post can go live on Instagram at 3PM and on Facebook at 4PM. 

    This helps you get more engagement from the audience as you can add tips, special offers or details in the comments. This feature is also great for posting Twitter threads, since a tweet can only contain up to 250 characters, so follow-up comments let you post long content on Twitter by creating threads! 

    Built-In Photo Editor

    Publer’s built-in photo editor makes it easy to create stunning visuals for your social media platforms. With correct aspect ratios for any channel, you can quickly edit your photos, add filters, colors, and stickers that complement your brand’s image, and even add text to grab your audience’s attention.

    Built-In Photo Editor
    Built-In Photo Editor

    The editor is user-friendly and enables you to create designs that inform your audience with perfect graphics that suit your platform. Resizing images to fit a specific channel’s aspect ratios is effortless and saves you the trouble of having to use multiple tools or platforms.

    Make your designs directly on Publer

    Creating your designs and adding them to your posts has never been easier. With Publer, you can either create your design on Canva and export it to Publer, or create your design directly on Publer through the Canva integration!

    So there’s no need to go through the whole process of creating your design, downloading it, then uploading it. Publer saves you time, money, and storage, making things much easier and faster for you and your business!  

    Here’s more on how to use Canva on Publer

    (Note: Publer also supports Crello.)

    Publer AI

    With AI Assist by Publer, you can generate content in seconds and unleash the power of AI on your social media platforms. Whether you need help with brainstorming new post ideas, creating stunning images, or responding to comments, Publer AI has got you covered.

    Publer AI suggests engaging content based on input and trends. It also helps you discover the perfect piece through AI-generated A/B text versions. Plus, AI Assist takes the hassle out of photo creation by generating high-quality images that perfectly suit your brand and style.

    AI Assist by Publer also offers content generation for blog posts, making it easy to add AI-generated blocks for WordPress-powered sites, rephrase paragraphs, or even write entire SEO-optimized articles in just a few seconds. With Publer’s AI Assist, you can save time and increase efficiency while also producing accurate and consistent content for your platform. 

    One of the most important things to have on your business’ Instagram page is a link in bio landing page. 

    The problem with Instagram is that it doesn’t let you add links to your posts; you can only do that in your profile’s bio. A “link in bio,” however, allows you to direct users to a landing page that includes multiple links through which you can direct traffic to your business.

    To illustrate, say you have published a new blog post on your website, and you want to share it on Instagram. You can’t add the link in your IG post, but you can use the “link in bio” landing page to direct users to your new blog post! 

    Creating your “link in bio” landing page has never been easier with Publer. You can easily set it up and customize it for your business to ultimately increase your traffic, and here’s how

    CTA buttons

    CTAs are very important for your business, which is why it’s always crucial to include CTAs in your ads or posts. With Publer, you can add CTA buttons to your Facebook and Google My Business posts, which will increase your click-through rate and overall engagement! 

    Facebook doesn’t allow you to add CTA buttons on your posts unless you create a Facebook ad, but Publer makes this possible! 

    The goal is to get more clicks and engagement, and Publer makes this easy for you with a click of a button!

    Here’s how to add CTA buttons


    A solid content calendar is essential when it comes to social media. Luckily, Publer has two effective tools that will help you in providing your content in the most efficient way possible. 

    First up is the Client Calendar, which provides your clients with a personalized view of all upcoming posts. This feature allows your clients to see the bigger picture of the content plan and provides them with a clear idea of what to expect in the future.

    For those who like to get into the deep details, Publer also offers the Live-Post Preview feature. This feature shows posts exactly as they’ll look when they go live, giving you and your clients a clear understanding of how your content will appear to your audience.

    Feed Preview
    Feed Preview

    Hashtag generator

    Hashtags are super popular, especially on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re keeping up with trends and reaching audiences with the right hashtags. 

    And Publer’s got your back! After you write your post, you can use Publer’s hashtag generator that generates the best trending hashtags for you based on your content! So all you need to do is write your post and select some of the recommended trending hashtags and voila, your post is #Ready

    Browser extension

    Publer makes managing your social media accounts so much easier in many ways, but did you know that you don’t even need to open up Publer to use it?

    Say you saw a picture or a quote online that you really liked, and you wanted to share it on your social media account. By setting up Publer’s browser extension, you can simply click the share button on what you want to share and select “Publer.” 

    This opens up a small window on the same tab, and you can edit and write your post exactly just like on Publer!

    Isn’t that super convenient?

    Watermark feature

    Watermarks are a must-have for digital businesses and creators! Not only do they protect your copyright, but they also boost brand awareness. By adding watermarks, you can prevent unauthorized use and showcase your name or brand, which increases visibility and attracts followers and customers. It’s a win-win situation! 

    With Publer, there are different tools to make the process easy and automatic. Whether you want to create watermarks automatically or add them to your mobile. 

    Here’s how you can use Publer’s watermark feature.

    Lengthy URLs that drag on are simply not memorable. If you want your audience to remember your URLs and share them, you need to keep them short and clean. This also helps you track your traffic and engagement (CTR, etc.). 

    With Publer, you can automatically shorten links through the services Publer’s partnered with, such as Switchy, Bitly and Rebrandly. All you need to do is connect your preferred URL shortener with Publer, and it will automatically shorten all the links! 

    Publer can also automatically add UTM parameters at the end of your links, so you can easily track your posts on Google Analytics! 

    Super easy, right?

    But keep in mind that the links will only be shortened after the post is published/scheduled. 

    Here’s how you can set up a link shortener and track your traffic. 


    Constantly writing down your contact info on every single post can get rather annoying and time-consuming. No more of that with Publer. 

    You can create signatures that you can add to the end of your posts, like in emails, with just a click! These signatures can consist of text, hashtags, slogans, contact information, etc.

    Can Publer get any better?


    Again, manually typing down your info or website is time-consuming and might result in typos or mistakes, here’s where Publer’s shortcodes come in.

    You can easily create Shortcodes for your social media accounts on Publer. So, for example, instead of writing your entire email while you’re writing your post, you can simply write “email” and Publer will automatically replace it with your email address. Magic, right?

    Now don’t get confused, this isn’t the same as the signature because signatures are automatically added to the end of your post, but Shortcodes can be used anywhere in your post! 

    Here’s how you can use Publer’s shortcodes. 

    Mobile app

    If you’re a social media manager, you know how important it is to stay connected with your audience and clients. That’s why the latest update to the Publer App makes organization and planning a breeze!

    With the new Calendar View feature, you can easily navigate between months or weeks and manage your content on the go. Plus, you’ll never miss a social media holiday hashtag again thanks to Publer’s handy social media holidays feature.

    With notifications and the ability to schedule posts, you’ll never miss a beat with Publer. You can manage all of your social media accounts, including Facebook Pages and Groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Google Business Profile, and Telegram, all in one place. 

    Available on iOS and Android

    Team collaboration  

    Everything is easier when done as a team, including social media management. If you have many clients and accounts, you can’t just do it on your own. That’s why Publer allows you to invite members and create multiple teams so that you can easily manage different social media accounts!

    Basically, each team will have its own workspace with its own social accounts, settings, and everything, and you can even assign team roles (owner, admin, editor). 

    Team work makes the dream work, right?

    Internal notes

    Working collaboratively with others may be enjoyable yet challenging at the same time. Thankfully, Publer offers a simple solution to make communication easy with its Internal Notes feature.

    By using Internal Notes, both internal and external members of your workspace can leave comments on specific posts, making it easy for everyone to stay informed and organized. This can be especially helpful when you’re working with multiple clients at once. Plus, with notes being right next to the post, they are hard to miss, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

    Workspaces and approval process

    Whether you’re all about quality or quantity, Publer has got you covered!

    Publer has outdone themselves with the new workspaces feature and tools. These features are tailor-made for bigger teams, empowering them to effortlessly expand their work and provide clients with top-notch quality and quantity. 

    Publer’s workspaces take collaboration to the next level! The advanced tools enable you to create specific workspaces for each client you’re working with, making it super easy to keep everything organized. And the best part? You can invite your collaborators to join in the action and customize their access and permission levels. Say goodbye to messy digital environments and hello to seamless teamwork!

    There’s more! Publer also has a game-changer two-layered social media approval process. It streamlines the process like never before by enabling you to receive immediate feedback and approval from upper management as well as clients or stakeholders. 

    Sync RSS feeds

    You can drive more traffic to your blog by creating posts from your blog’s RSS feed. With Publer, you can easily and automatically import RSS feeds from any website, and it automatically syncs! 

    You can also create posts by uploading a CSV file

    This is a great way to circulate your content and share it across different platforms. Here’s how you can sync your RSS feeds


    Publer is exactly what you need to smoothly and efficiently manage your accounts across social media platforms, all from one place. From creating and scheduling posts to creating your own designs, Publer allows you to do it all! 

    So, if you’re looking for a social media scheduling tool, then look no further, Publer is your best option for managing your business online! 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is Publer free to use?

    There is a free version of Publer that allows you to connect and schedule posts for up to 3 social accounts from any of the supported platforms and includes most of the available features.

    Which social platforms and post formats does Publer support?

    Publer supports Facebook (Pages, Locations & Groups), Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profiles, YouTube, WordPress, and Telegram accounts. Schedule and auto-publish status updates, links, single/multi-photo posts, videos, GIFs, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Carousels, and WordPress articles.

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